“Matt and Claire’s Summer in Maine” Children’s Book

Buy the original Bayside, Maine children’s book written by Sandra Hall and illustrated by Gretchen Irby at baysidebook.com about siblings who experience the joys of vacation at a local seaside retreat. They explore the hamlet shyly at first, but then befriend other children who pilot a driftwood raft at the ocean’s edge. Tentative overtures lead to total immersion in the community, which makes it hard to leave at the season’s end.


SANDRA HALL AND GRETCHEN IRBY are a mother/daughter, author/illustrator team. They are life-long seasonal residents of Bayside, Maine, the village which acts as a model for this book. They are delighted to share their passion for this place of family and community bonds which go back through many generations. This is their first collaborative work, created with many laughs, a few sentimental tears, and lots of love.

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